Composer for film and other media


Eric Santiestevan has always been drawn to music, as exemplified when, at three years old, he walked headfirst into the corner of a stereo speaker, necessitating a few stiches.

In high school, he began writing songs on guitar and piano. In college, he sang in the Harvard Krokodiloes, one of the oldest and most prestigious male college vocal ensembles, and began to arrange a capella music in jazz and swing styles, choral music, and instrumental jazz. He also began to write electronic music and formed a series of rock bands.

He has completed the certificate program in film and television music composition through UCLA Extension, under the tutelage of Lee Sanders, Craig Stuart Garfinkle, Robert Drasnin, Norman Ludwin, and Thom Sharp. Since then he has composed music for feature length documentaries, comedies, and horror films, short films, and webisodes.